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Functional brand 321 Glo reveals it is working on some sort of collaboration

321 Glo Interview

Functional food company 321 Glo is heavily known for its soft, sweet, flavorful, and protein-packed Collagen Brownie, but that’s far from all it is, and actually not where it started. The brand has really burst onto the scene these past couple of years, gaining a lot of attention and traction, so we sat down with the minds behind it in, Michael Alfaro and Ainsley Rodriguez.

The story behind 321 Glo and how Michael Alfaro and Ainsley Rodriguez became involved is far from traditional and is well worth listening to. Both Michael and Ainsly came onto the Stack3d Supplement Podcast for a 30-minute interview, where we talk beginnings, success, how things have evolved since the inception of 321 Glo, and some exciting upcoming products.

As mentioned, while the Collagen Brownie is the star of the 321 Glo lineup, its original hit was a family of frosting-like nut butters available in some delicious flavors. That product is not on the market now, although we got confirmation in our interview, they are returning. Michael Alfaro and Ainsley Rodriguez also revealed that 321 Glo is working on some sort of collaboration, but it is still early days, and they’re currently keeping details quiet.

Our Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview with Michael Alfaro and Ainsley Rodriguez from 321 Glo is, once again, well worth a listen, especially if you’re a fan of the brand. Michael and Ainsley definitely included some exciting and interesting bits of information, and you can catch it on all of the usual podcast platforms in Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

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