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Limited patriotic flavor arriving this weekend for Superhuman Supreme and Pump

Alpha Lion Patriot Punch Superhuman Supreme And Pump

Alpha Lion may not have released it in line with the 4th Of July weekend, but as they say, better late than never. The fast-rising brand has put together an all-new patriotic flavor for the latest entry in its impressively consistent Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. For those that are not familiar with the line, it is where the brand releases two limited-edition flavors, each for two of its many different pre-workouts.

For the month of July, Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month is, in fact, one flavor instead of the usual two, themed around freedom and 4th Of July. The brand has kept things consistent on the supplement side, and produced the taste for two separate pre-workouts in Superhuman Supreme and the stackable Superhuman Pump. The flavor itself is Patriot Punch, a refreshing blend of blood orange and pineapple.

Alpha Lion plans on making its all-new and limited-edition Patriot Punch Superhuman Supreme and Patriot Punch Superhuman Pump through its online store at precisely 6PM Eastern Time this coming Sunday. The brand is giving fans just three days to get in and purchase either or both of the products, unless, of course, they run out first, and as mentioned, they are limited, so once they’re gone, that’s it.