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Introducing Arjuna’s all-natural pain relief and inflammation innovation Rhuleave-K

Arjuna Natural Rhuleave K

Arjuna Natural is a premium ingredient company known for the likes of BCM-95 branded curcumin, and in 2022, it is looking to become known for an entirely different type of ingredient in Rhuleave-K. The company’s latest creation is a good fit and well-suited for sports nutrition supplements, especially after you learn of its effects and benefits, which are not common but would easily fit into a brand’s lineup.

Arjuna Natural’s Rhuleave-K is a carefully crafted blend of sesame seed oil, turmeric extract, and boswellia extract, and it’s infused with the company’s own SpeedTech to ensure rapid delivery of the components. The premium and completely natural combination of ingredients have come together to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and it is designed to do so in an incredibly impressive timeframe.

Rhuleave-K is already backed by a handful of clinical studies proving its benefits, including noticeable pain relief in as little as three hours, and effectiveness comparable to the over-the-counter synthetic pain killer, paracetamol. The promising benefits of Arjuna Natural’s Rhuleave-K also come without any organ issues or unwanted side effects.

Arjuna Natural has put together a page on its website going into more detail on the effects and use of its pain and inflammation reducing innovation, Rhuleave-K, with more studies still to come further backing its benefits. There are actually some products already on the market making use of Rhuleave-K, although no one sizeable in the sports nutrition space, but we imagine that’ll change as awareness spreads.