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Atron previews an all-new pre-workout and its first-ever nootropic product

Atron Full Blown

Swedish brand Atron has announced two new supplements that are coming soon; one is for a category it already competes in, while the other is for another popular space that it has yet to touch. The product that sees the brand return to a familiar category is the pre-workout Full Blown, although we don’t know if it’s replacing its current competitor, Mind Blast, or if it’s something that you’ll be able to stack with Mind Blast.

Atron doesn’t have a stimulant-free pump-enhancing pre-workout, which is the most common type of supplement we get when a sports nutrition brand drops a second pre-workout. Unfortunately, the brand has just previewed Full Blown without any other details, so again, there are several possibilities; it could be replacing Mind Blast, something to stack with the original product, or even a completely new pre-workout.

The other supplement Atron has announced as coming soon is the nootropic formula Clutch. We do know this one will be stimulant-free, so don’t expect any significant increase in energy, more on the typical nootropic side of elevated focus and cognition. Both products are said to be launching shortly, and as soon as we have more information on them, including their list of ingredients and dosages, we’ll be sure to share it.