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Limited run of Black Magic’s holographic shaker goes live on its website

Black Magic Hologram Shaker

Black Magic has a new product out this week, although it isn’t an entirely new supplement, nor is it a tasty flavor extension as we’ve been seeing from the brand these past few months. This is something quite special that fans and followers of Black Magic will want to get their hands on, as it’s a great way to show support in an eye-catching manner, and it’s an item that’s only had a limited amount produced.

The growing brand has created an alternative version of its already available “Less Luck, More Skill” shaker bottle where instead of being clear, it’s a semi-transparent black, and the print is holographic. You can see a render of the product in above, although something like this needs to be in your hands to take it all in, and fortunately, it’s not expensive, priced the same as a regular Black Magic shaker at $9.99 each.

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