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Bombbar’s low-calorie sauce gets its first new flavor in three years

Bombbar Barbecue Sauce

Russian brand Bombbar has one of the most extensive functional lineups out there, with a massive selection of snacks in some genuinely unique formats, and of course, it has more common items, including condiments. About three years ago, the company released zero sugar, fat-free, and low-calorie sauce in three flavors, with two more options being added a couple of months later.

Bombbar is turning its attention back to its low-calorie this week with another flavor extension, bringing its menu to a total of six. Now available alongside its already available Curry, Chilli, Sweet Tomato, Caesar, and Mayo is another classic sauce with Barbecue. The brand’s latest creation is already in stock on its website at its usually competitive sauce price of ₽130 (2.28 USD).

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