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Bulk takes a value approach in its latest pre-workout and prices under £15

Bulk Essential Pre Workout

While many sports nutrition brands have been coming out with more advanced, premium pre-workouts this year, including the likes of Jym, Kaged, Beyond Raw, and several others, Bulk is going the other direction in its latest supplement. The popular UK-based company has released Essential Pre-Workout, an extremely straightforward pre-workout that currently costs less than £15.

The goal of Bulk’s Essential Pre-Workout is very clearly to give you a simple and cost-effective pre-workout, hence the price tag of under £15. The supplement doesn’t obviously feature a loaded list of ingredients; although it has dosed the few ingredients it does have reasonably well. Each serving comes with 3g each of arginine AKG, performance-supporting beta-alanine, and citrulline malate, 400mg of tyrosine for focus, and 200mg of caffeine.

Bulk Essential Pre Workout Label

You could probably double serve Bulk’s Essential Pre-Workout for a higher-dosed experience, pumping the citrulline malate to a much more respectable 6g and the caffeine to a potent 400mg. It will also push the beta-alanine beyond the usual 3.2g, but that wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen it that high; in fact, there are a few pre-workouts out there with double 3.2 at 6.4g.

As mentioned, the price of Bulk’s Essential Pre-Workout is low at precisely £14.29, which works out to under $20 in US dollars at $17.25. You also get 30 servings per tub; however, if you end up double serving, that will drop to just 15. The supplement is in stock at, and it has a good amount of flavors to choose from with three fruity recipes; Apple & Lime, Sour Raspberry, and Tropical.