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Cotton candy flavor Cuttin’ Candy coming to Superhuman Burn August 3rd

Cuttin Candy Superhuman Burn

With the beginning of another month comes another couple of entries in Alpha Lion’s incredibly consistent Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. The reputable brand has kept this series going for well over a year, where it drops two special edition flavors, each for a different pre-workout supplement. This month, however, it is one of the rare occasions we get the same flavor for two products.

For its August Pre-Workout Of The Month, Alpha Lion has created the fun and sweet-sounding blue cotton candy experience named Cuttin’ Candy, a name that fits right in with the supplements it’s launching in. The brand has put together the carnival-themed Cuttin’ Candy flavor for its two hybrid, fat-burning pre-workouts, Superhuman Burn and the spin-off Superhuman Burn Stim-Free.

Alpha Lion is releasing its Cuttin’ Candy Superhuman Burn and Superhuman Burn Stim-Free on August 3rd, which is Wednesday of next week, through the brand’s online store. If you’re not familiar with Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, you will want to get in as soon as possible, as there is only a limited amount of each product, and they tend to sell out relatively quickly.