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Dymatize puts five sources in its plant-based protein for a complete amino profile

Dymatize Complete Plant Protein

Dymatize is a brand known for the protein powder ISO100, which has been on the market for several years. It is a premium supplement made with lean and fast-absorbing hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate to provide 25g of protein per serving, no fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and five calories. One thing we haven’t seen is Dymatize get on the vegan protein trend, although that is about to change with Complete Plant Protein.

Complete Plant Protein is an entirely vegan-friendly protein powder from Dymatize, packed with 25g of protein per serving from a plant-based blend of pea, rice, watermelon seed, pumpkin seed, and chickpea protein. The idea behind having that variety of sources is to ensure you get a more complete profile of amino acids, similar to tried and true whey, and Complete Plant Protein is right there with 10.3g of EAAs and 4.9g of BCAAs.

Dymatize Complete Plant Protein

The rest of the nutrition profile in Dymatize’s new Complete Plant Protein consists of 5 to 6g of carbohydrates depending on the flavor, no sugar, 1 to 2g of fiber, 2.5 to 3g of fat, and 150 to 160 calories. The protein powder comes in two traditional flavors, both made without any artificial colors and naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, and they are Creamy Chocolate and Smooth Vanilla.

Complete Plant Protein from Dymatize is expected to be launching in stores soon, including at the likes of Walmart and the online giant Amazon. As you can see in images of the supplement, it’s not coming in an overly large tub size like some of the heavier options available for ISO100, weighing 1.2lbs and packing 15 servings. If early listings are anything to go by, Complete Plant Protein will cost around $27 each.