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EVL expands its already large lineup into gummies with an omega and DHA formula

Evl Omega Gummies

The well-established and hugely successful EVL has entered the increasingly popular world of gummy format supplements, although not with the usual main ingredient like apple cider vinegar or vitamins. EVL’s latest product shares all of its important details right in its name with Omega + DHA Gummies, which is a gummy-style supplement providing a variety of omega oils in omega 3, 6, and 9, and as per the name, DHA.

The precise breakdown of contents in each three-gummy serving of EVL’s Omega + DHA Gummies is 130mg of omega 3, 65mg of omega 6, and 30mg of omega 9. Like all of the functional gummy products we’ve seen, EVL’s omega-infused item does have some nutrition to it. That serving of three gummies, which are lemon and orange flavored, comes with 7g of carbohydrates, just over half of that sugar at 4g, and 30 calories. is one of the first places stocking EVL’s Omega + DHA Gummies, and it’s fairly priced through there compared to other gummy supplements on the market at $14.99 for a bottle of 20 full servings.

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