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Feel makes a product around the vegan collagen alternative VeCollal

Feel Pro Collagen

Health and wellness brand Feel has introduced an industry first this week with its alternative collagen supplement, powered by the still relatively new and growing VeCollal. Feel’s latest product is Pro Collagen, which is centered around VeCollal, included at a dose of 3.885g per serving, and it is essentially the only ingredient with the other components being in there for flavoring.

What makes Feel’s Pro Collagen an industry-first is essentially the key feature in VeCollal, in that it’s a vegan-friendly alternative to collagen. With almost all collagen coming from cows, chickens, and fish, the company behind VeCollal felt there needed to be an animal-free version of the popular beauty ingredient. That’s what VeCollal is and it has many benefits backing it.

VeCollal is a blend of free-form amino acids at a precise ratio identical to that of type I collagen in humans. Again, it is a combination of specific amounts of amino acids, not a single ingredient like collagen, whey, or pea protein. The concept is similar to ALRI’s long-running HumaPro, which is an alternative protein designed to provide an amino acid profile that the human body can completely utilize as opposed to some other sources of protein.

Feel Pro Collagen

There are a few other ingredients that have been thrown in VeCollal outside of the precise dosages of free-form amino acids to support natural collagen production in ginseng, vitamin C, and gotu kola. Altogether the benefits VeCollal and, in turn, Feel’s Pro Collagen, promote, are reduced wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and hydration, and, once again, better collagen production.

Feel’s Pro Collagen has a 10g serving, and as mentioned earlier, of that 10g, 3.885g is the vegan collagen alternative VeCollal. The supplement’s nutrition label doesn’t say it has any protein, fat, carbohydrates, or calories, and it comes in the one strawberry peach flavor. The price of the product is certainly on the high side, with a tub of 30 servings costing £44.50 (53.20 USD).