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Finaflex and MoonPie’s Power Pie is the collaboration we’ve been waiting for

Finalfex X Moonpie Power Pie

Finaflex has officially partnered with the legendary MoonPie, a mouthwatering treat consisting of two round graham cookies, a sweet marshmallow filling between them, and all covered in rich milk chocolate. The two have together to create the kind of collaboration we’ve wanted to see from the functional food industry since collaborations became popular, and it is one worth getting excited about.

Finaflex and MoonPie have created a version of the classic MoonPie that is much higher in protein and goes by the name Power Pie. It features that same sort of build with two round crumbly cookies, a soft and sweet marshmallow filling, and covered in decadent chocolate. While a MoonPie has only 3g of protein, Finaflex’s Power Pie has more than four times that at 14g, and its other macros are expected to be reasonable.

What makes this collaboration different from the many others we’ve seen is that Finaflex has essentially come to MoonPie’s format, not the other way around. Most partnerships bring a known candy, food, or experience to a powder supplement, and that supplement is then intended to resemble the other side of the collaboration. Finaflex has gone the other way with Power Pie, taking the original MoonPie format and bringing its typical sports nutrition twist of high-protein.

Finaflex X Moonpie Power Pie

Finaflex and MoonPie’s Power Pie also has branding closer to MoonPie, not so much Finaflex; however, the sports nutrition brand’s logo can be seen along the top of the packaging. You can see the Power Pie in full in the image above, showing you what the functional food looks like on the inside, the classic starry background of MoonPie, and MoonPie’s own logo reinforcing the awesome authentic collaboration.

Finaflex and MoonPie’s promising protein-packed Power Pie will be available soon in at least one flavor with a traditional Chocolate, but if it’s anything like an actual MoonPie, there may be others such as Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Banana, and Strawberry. Looking at pictures, the product is coming in boxes of four, so you won’t need to grab ten or 12, like a lot of snacks, to try it, although you’ll likely be able to get singles too.