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Apollo’s Hegemony rolls out the sequel to its reputable nootropic Mastermind

Apollos Hegemony Mastermind V2

A few months ago, Apollo’s Hegemony announced the coming of an all-new version of its genuinely effective nootropic supplement Mastermind with Mastermind V2. The product promised a similar blend of benefits and effects to the original, although a significant change the European brand decided to make was to move Mastermind from flavored powder into capsule format.

Apollo’s Hegemony’s Mastermind V2 has now been completely revealed and released, and it looks like it should have no trouble continuing its strong reputation in the nootropic category. The catch with the first iteration of Mastermind was that as reasonably good as it looked on paper, it was one of those supplements that performed far better than you’d expect.

Apollos Hegemony V2 Label

We’ve got the fully transparent facts panel for Mastermind V2 in the image above, and it has kept things along the same lines with some familiar ingredients, different dosages, and new components. Acetyl-l-carnitine is still in the mix at a gram, bacopa has been carried over and doubled to 300mg a serving, 400mg of citicoline, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine at 350mg, and if you liked the moderate 200mg of caffeine, that has remained for V2.

As mentioned, Apollo’s Hegemony has built Mastermind V2 to provide a comprehensive nootropic experience, delivering enhanced energy, mental focus, cognition, alertness, and memory, all in a six capsule serving. You can pick up the sequel supplement from the brand’s European retailer Muscle Zone for a very competitive 149 zł (31.64 USD) for a bottle of 30 full servings.