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Top-tasting 3D Energy reveals its eye-catching new Galaxy Lime flavor

Galaxy Lime 3d Energy Drink

It’s certainly been a while since fans were treated to a new flavor of the popular and always great-tasting 3D Energy drink. The last addition to the beverage was the Alphaland-themed lemonade, which comes in a bright yellow can and features Alphaland’s logo in the background. In a few days, 3D Energy is expanding its menu once again and with something that looks and sounds quite exciting.

On Monday of next week, 3D Energy is releasing an eye-catching and colorful flavor called Galaxy Lime, described as a sweet citrusy drink but with an intriguing galactic twist. You can see what the product looks like in the image above, and as mentioned, it is indeed eye-catching. Instead of branding it in one flat color, the Galaxy Lime 3D Energy drink will have a gradient going from blue to lime green.

3D Energy hasn’t mentioned anything about its all-new and undoubtedly delicious Galaxy Lime 3D Energy drink being limited or exclusive to anyone, so when it arrives on the 25th of this month, you can expect to see it in all of the beverage’s usual retailers. If it does go live on the brand’s own website at, you’ll be able to grab it there at a very reasonable $24.99 for a case of 12 cans.

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