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Glaxon drops its Tiger’s Blood flavor series made up of four supplements

Glaxon Tigers Blood Series

Glaxon has come out with its first-ever flavor series, as while we have seen plenty of creative flavor extensions from the brand, we hadn’t seen a collection of supplements in the same flavor with a matching label design. The flavor the Brand Of The Year for 2021 has released is Glaxon’s take on Tiger’s Blood, which is the typical refreshing combination of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut.

You can see what Glaxon’s Tiger’s Blood flavor series looks like in the image above, with each of the supplements in the collection a slightly different background, although they all have that same main tiger graphic. The products the brand has produced in Tiger’s Blood are the pre-workouts Specimen and Plasm Surge, the always delicious Xeno Amino, and the sleep aid Tranquility.

You can purchase any or all of the Tiger’s Blood Series supplements directly from Glaxon’s online store starting today, with each of them priced at $49.99. You can bring that cost down by using the brand’s Stack Builder where you’ll get 20% discount on any three products, which drops that $49.99 down to just $40. There is also a special edition matching Tiger’s Blood shaker bottle, and while it has already sold out, Glaxon has said a restock is coming.