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JUICD Energy is basing its 12th flavor on the classic Jaw Breaker candy

Jaw Breaker Juicd Energy

JUICD Energy is a gaming supplement company from Australia that we first posted about in May, talking about the 11th flavor of its flagship, self-titled energy and focus product named Sweet Kiss. The title doesn’t really tell you much about what Sweet Kiss actually tastes like, although the brand made it clear in its promotional graphics it is a Cotton Candy recipe.

Australia’s Juicd Energy is back in the news again here at Stack3d with details of another flavor extension for its gaming supplement, and unlike Sweet Kiss, this one says a lot about its taste in its name. Up next from the growing brand and to make it 12 flavors for JUICD Energy is the colorful candy creation Jaw Breaker, based on the iconic candy of the same name.

The undoubtedly sweet new Jaw Breaker JUICD Energy is due to be released in exactly 15 days on Wednesday the 20th of this month. The flavor will cost the same as all of the product’s other options at $59.95 (40.76 USD) for a tub of 40 servings, with the same key ingredients to drive energy and focus, such as 800mg of tyrosine and 225mg of caffeine.

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