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Creative company Mindright introduces the world’s first nootropic popped chip

Mindright Nootropic Popped Chips

There is a growing number of brands coming to the functional space bringing new meaning to functional foods by taking a more interesting approach than the usual high protein and low carbohydrate. Mindright is one of those creative companies with a selection of bars that have a good amount of protein at 10g each, although what makes them different is they’re enhanced with ingredients for energy, focus, and mood.

Mindright has now taken that angle of infusing food with energy and nootropic ingredients to a different format, introducing the world’s first nootropic popped chips. The brand has created a bag of salty popped chips made from cassava flour, potato flake, and flavoring ingredients and added the focus supporting mushroom lion’s mane, ginseng for a boost of energy, theanine for clarity and concentration, and a variety of B vitamins.

Mindright Nootropic Popped Chips 1

There is some nutrition to the very creative Mindright nootropic popped chips; however, unlike the company’s functional bars, they’re not high-in-protein. A snack-sized 1oz bag provides a gram of protein, 20 to 21g of carbohydrates with zero to 6g of that sugar, 4 to 5g of fat, and 120 to 130 calories. Those ranges are from the product’s three flavors, which are also reasonably unique Cinnamon Churro, Chili Lime, and Turmeric Ranch.

Mindright’s nootropic popped chips won’t have close to the benefits and effects of top-rated focus supplements and their loaded lists of active ingredients, but it’s still an interesting and intriguing creation. It is also worth noting the product is relatively expensive, with a box of four bags costing $5 each through the brand’s website, or you can save a bit of money and get the 12-bag pack at a pricey $53.99, which is $4.49 each.