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NovoOmega and Nattokinase take MorphOmega up a level in its reformulation

Morphogen Nutrition Morphomega

Morphogen Nutrition is having an impressive year of reformulations and relaunches, with its new branding for 2022 bringing a whole bunch of improved supplements. The latest revamp from the reputable and extremely extensive brand is a new version of its fish oil formula MorphOMEGA, which has a few key differences from the original, all to comprehensively support cardiovascular health.

Morphogen Nutrition’s 2022 edition of MorphOMEGA still centers around a solid source of fish oil, but this time it’s the uniquely manufactured NovoOmega branded omega-3 powder. The brand has included 4g of NovoOmega per serving, providing 720mg of EPA and 480mg of DHA, with the premium ingredient being responsible for the higher concentrations of EPA and DHA, and it has better bioavailability.

Morphogen Nutrition Morphomega Label

Of course, coming from Morphogen Nutrition, MorphOMEGA doesn’t stop at just NovoOmega. The brand has also included a hefty dose of vitamin D3 at 5,000IU, 360mcg of MenaQ MK-7 vitamin K2, and one more premium component. Rounding out the cardiovascular supplement is 4,000IU of Nattokinase to lower red blood cell concentration as well as LDL and triglyceride levels, and support healthy blood pressure.

MorphOMEGA is very obviously more than your traditional fish oil supplement, with Morphogen Nutrition essentially taking the typically straightforward product type and turning it into an advanced cardiovascular solution. The price of MorphOMEGA through the brand’s website is $56, like its other premium products, and you get a full month’s supply in every bottle at 30, eight capsule servings.