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Myprotein also creates authentic Jelly Belly flavors for BCAA Energy Drink

Myprotein Jelly Belly Bcaa Energy Drink

Myprotein’s collaboration with the legendary jelly bean Jelly Belly apparently doesn’t stop at the five flavors of its Clear Whey Isolate protein powder. We posted everything there is to know about the collection of flavors earlier today, and as it turns out, also arriving through the sports nutrition giant’s primary UK online store, as well as its US one, are authentic Jelly Belly flavors of Myprotein’s BCAA Energy Drink.

BCAA Energy Drink is Myprotein’s BCAA-infused energy beverage, featuring the three all-important BCAAs, B vitamins, and a moderate 150mg of caffeine for energy with zero sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. The authentic Jelly Belly collaboration flavors Myprotein has created for BCAA Energy Drink are both from the group of five available for Clear Whey Isolate in Jelly Belly Very Cherry and Jelly Belly Bubblegum.

As mentioned, you can grab Myprotein and Jelly Belly’s two candy-themed flavors of BCAA Energy Drink from the sports nutrition brand’s main online store at and its dedicated US one at Both of those websites have the Jelly Belly Very Cherry and Jelly Belly Bubblegum flavors of BCAA Energy Drink, with packs of six cans costing £12.99 (15.59 USD) or $16.91 for those in the US.

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