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Myprotein switches to Amino9 and drops the carbs from The In:EAA to create The EAA

Myprotein The Eaa

Myprotein’s more advanced MyPro Series has welcomed an all-new amino supplement, separate from the previously released The In:EAA, with the less complex The EAA. While it is a separate product from The In:EAA, it is incredibly similar; in fact, it has all of the same amino acids at the exact same dosages, as well as The In:EAA’s additional hydration ingredients such as coconut water and Aquamin marine-sourced minerals.

Myprotein’s The EAA is essentially The In:EAA, but with the essential amino acids being Amino9 branded EAAs, and where The In:EAA has a blend of Dextrose and Carb10 to provide 33g of carbohydrates per serving, The EAA doesn’t have any sources of carbs. Again, you still get all of those other ingredients outside of the aminos, including 500mg of coconut water, Aquamin, and the absorption enhancers AstraGin and BioPerine.

The EAA is available through Myprotein’s primary online store at for £26.99 (32.21 USD) a tub, which is £5 cheaper than The In:EAA, and you get 50% more servings at the more common 30. As far as flavors go, the brand has four to choose from, all refreshing and fruity, and none of them are available for the In:EAA with Raspberry Cherry, Blackcurrant & Apple, Blood Orange, and Blueberry & Strawberry.