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Ninja introduces Unleashed at the Stack3d Expo and is giving away a giant stack

Ninja Unleashed

Leading up to this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, Ninja said it would be revealing or releasing something special at the annual, online-exclusive event. It didn’t provide any name but said it was a product for the highly competitive pre-workout category, something it is already in with Ninja Up. This supplement, however, is intended for a much more intense experience packing a total of 600mg of caffeine.

If you visit Ninja at the Stack3d Supplement Expo located in the South Hall, not only will you be introduced to the brand and its entire lineup, but you’ll also get a glimpse at the all-new and upcoming Ninja Unleashed. This will be that high-powered pre-workout loaded with 600mg of caffeine, although, as previously mentioned, it will have other ingredients supporting many of the other core pre-workout benefits.

Ninja is also treating attendees of the Stack3d Supplement Expo to a massive giveaway, where one lucky fan will walk away with an Ultimate Stack. The brand will be randomly selecting one lucky winner to take home full-size tubs of Ninja Burn, Ninja BCAA/EAA, Ninja Limitless, the pre-workout Ninja Up, Ninja Gains, and a shaker. To enter, simply visit its page at the Stack3d Expo and complete the necessary steps.