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Premium citrus bergamot Bergamonte comes to Nutrabio’s Wellness Series

Nutrabio Citrus Bergamot

Reputable brand Nutrabio has another single-ingredient supplement out this month, named after that main component, which is known to support inflammation, blood glucose, and cardiovascular health. The product is called Citrus Bergamot, and as mentioned, that is indeed its one and only ingredient; and in typical Nutrabio style, you get a solid dose of citrus bergamot, and it’s not just the standard version.

Nutrabio Citrus Bergamot features a solid 1.5g of the key component per serving, and it is the premium, patented, and full-spectrum Bergamonte citrus bergamot, clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose. You can purchase the newest supplement from the brand straight from its online store, where a bottle of 45 two-capsule servings or 30 full three-capsule servings will cost you $44.99.

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