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Panda Burn sequel carries over all of the original ingredients with full transparency

Panda Burn 2

Panda Supplements has two fat burners in its lineup with Panda Cuts, a potent, high-stimulant product for intense energy, mental focus, thermogenesis, and improved weight loss. The growing brand also has Panda Burn, which has just been reworked and relaunched with Burn 2.0, designed with a similar set of ingredients but full transparency and better dosages, all for an improved experience.

Fans will recognize a lot of the ingredients in Panda Burn 2.0 from the original; in fact, everything that’s in the first Burn is in the sequel, although none of them are in a blend this time around. The CLA, caffeine, carnitine tartrate, choline, theanine, synephrine, and huperzine were the ingredients in the predecessor’s blend but are fully transparent in 2.0, and they combine for more than 4.74g.

Panda Burn 2 Label

You can see Panda Burn 2.0’s formula in the image above, where, as mentioned, you get all of the original’s ingredients, now with precise dosages per serving, including a gram of carnitine tartrate, half a gram of choline bitartrate for focus, and a strong 350mg of caffeine. The purpose of the supplement is the same, with a product that can be taken any time and every day to support weight loss, and with its reliable energy and focus, it’ll work as a hybrid fat-burning pre-workout.

Panda Burn 2.0 is available from this week through the brand’s online store, where it’ll cost you $59.99, the same price as Panda’s more intense, stimulant-powered weight loss product, Panda Cuts. The sequel supplement comes with 25 servings per tub and several flavors to choose from in Panda Punch, Mama’s Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon, and the sweet candy-themed Peach Gummy.