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Long-running Greens Freak moves into a completely recyclable and resealable bag

Pharmafreak Greens Freak Bag

Greens Freak is one of the longer-running superfood supplements from a sports nutrition brand, as while the category has become quite popular over the past few years, PharmaFreak introduced the competitor back in 2014. Basically, Greens Freak has been around for a long time, featuring a reliable greens-powered formula with over 30 different ingredients and flavors that fans obviously enjoy and look forward to.

For 2022, PharmaFreak is making a change to Greens Freak, although not like it did with the more comprehensive spin-off Greens Freak+ where you get added focus and beauty ingredients. The Canadian company is repackaging its original superfood supplement, taking it from the traditional plastic tub to a completely recyclable and resealable bag, all while keeping the many ingredients and dosages exactly the same.

PharmaFreak is expected to be rolling out the repackaged Greens Freak soon, and again, fans of the health and wellness supplement don’t need to worry about losing the taste or benefits, as it is only a cosmetic change.