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CNP puts rainbow sprinkles throughout its colorful Rainbow Cookie protein powder

Rainbow Cookie Cnp Whey

For the past few days, legacy UK brand CNP has been teasing an exciting new product, really building it up, and leading us to suspect we were in for some sort of protein cookie or cookie type release. We weren’t too far off, as the brand has completely revealed and released that product, introducing a colorful Rainbow Cookie flavor of its flagship protein powder CNP Whey.

CNP has created the flavor to taste like the classic cookie it’s named after, Rainbow Cookie, and to add some color to the protein powder itself, the brand has thrown in rainbow sprinkles. Despite the sweet and promising taste, the macros on a serving of Rainbow Cookie CNP Whey are still lean with 21g of protein per serving, 4.4g of carbohydrates, 1.4g of fat, and 115 calories.

You can pick up the eye-catching, rainbow-branded Rainbow Cookie CNP Whey from in two sizes, a large 2kg tub of 66 servings at £52.99 (64.21 USD), or a single serving sachet at £2 (2.42 USD). The new Rainbow Cookie flavor has also been pictured in a smaller 900g bag, although we don’t see that anywhere in the brand’s online store, at least just yet.

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