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Scorpion combines carbs, whey and hydration in its endurance-focused Boost

Scorpion Boost

Boost is the latest supplement available from the New Zealand brand Scorpion, and while it doesn’t seem to have its ingredients list anywhere online for whatever reason, it does come with a useful description. Boost is a performance-focused product designed to improve hydration, enhance endurance, and help you recover faster, all coming in a flavored powder.

The formula behind Scorpion’s Boost isn’t anything complex or advanced based on the description provided. It comes with a solid dose of carbohydrates from three sources, dextrose, sucrose, and maltodextrin, and some protein from whey isolate. Alongside that, to further the endurance and performance benefits, the supplement has electrolytes, taurine, glycine, and a selection of vitamins and minerals.

It definitely would be much more helpful if we had the label of Boost to go off, as right now, we don’t know how many carbohydrates you actually get, although it is performance-focused, so we imagine its 35g serving is mostly carbohydrates. Even though you don’t know precisely what’s in Boost, you can get it straight from Scorpion’s online store at $29 (17.74 USD) for a full-size tub of 20 servings in the one Orange flavor.