SNS goes big for 4th Of July and previews two promising new supplements

Serious Nutrition Solutions Thermo Scorch And Recomp 20

The reputable brand Serious Nutrition Solutions, sometimes simply referred to as SNS, is offering its typically strong discount of 30% off everything to celebrate 4th Of July. While today is, of course, the 4th of July itself, the brand is giving fans plenty of time to get in, place their order and take advantage of the deal, as the sale doesn’t end until midnight this coming Thursday.

The coupon “JULY4TH30” is what you’ll need to get the savings exclusively on Serious Nutrition Solutions’ website, and it works on individual supplements and discounted bundles. As mentioned, it is a solid sale; for example, that 30% applied to the brand’s three-pack of the number one rated Lean Edge brings the usual single price of $44.99 down to $25.62, which is incredible value.

In addition to the discount, Serious Nutrition Solutions has previewed a couple of upcoming products, although neither is available. There is Thermo Scorch, which is a stimulant-free fat burner, to enhance thermogenesis, reduce appetite, and support weight loss. It should be very interesting to see what the brand puts into this one, as it already has the stimulant-free competitor Lean Edge, which we rank as the best fat burner out there overall.

The other previewed Serious Nutrition Solutions supplement is Recomp-20, a recomposition formula, which is a type of product usually designed to help with leaning, hardening, and muscle building. More details on both of those supplements should be along soon, but in the meantime, be sure to act on that 4th Of July sale to get reliable products at some seriously unmissable prices.