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Ambassador Vaughn Walker gets his own sour candy flavor of Raw Pre

Sour As F Raw Pre

Raw Nutrition has announced a couple of new flavors over the past week, including a uniquely caffeinated flavor of the isolate-based Raw Protein in Caramel Macchiato. That product, along with Island Slushie Raw EAA, is going live today on the brand’s website, although there is one other drop joining those two, and it is slightly more intriguing as it’s a collaboration.

Raw Nutrition has teamed up with its ambassador and popular fitness influencer Vaughn Walker for his very own flavor of the balanced pre-workout Raw Pre. The flavor is the sour candy creation named “Sour As F***” and to make sure fans and followers know who it is a collaboration with, the product features a line illustration of Vaughn Walker in the flavor callout.

Once again, Vaughn Walker’s Sour As F*** Raw Pre — which is only around for a limited time — is launching today through Raw Nutrition’s official online store alongside the mildly energizing Caramel Macchiato Raw Protein and Island Slushie Raw EAA.