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Supplement Needs puts its nighttime products into a kit with blue light glasses

Supplement Needs Advanced Sleep Kit

If you enjoy nighttime supplements as much as we do and the benefits that come from maximizing your crucial nighttime window, you’re going to appreciate what Supplement Needs has coming soon. The retailer and reputable brand has put together a bundle of sleep and relaxation products called the Advanced Sleep Kit, which has a freebie and very likely saves you some money.

Supplement Needs’ Advanced Sleep Kit comes with two full-size products in PM Priming Stack, designed to help you relax and unwind in the evening, and Sleep Stack, to ensure you get to sleep and get deep quality sleep. The upcoming Advanced Sleep Kit also comes with a pair of glasses that help block out blue light from devices that emit blue light, such as phones and tablets.

Supplement Needs hasn’t confirmed any sort of price for its Advanced Sleep Kit, although we have to assume, there is something to attract fans compared to buying PM Priming Stack and Sleep Stack separately. Whether that is the blue light glasses are thrown in as a freebie or the bundle is discounted compared to PM Priming Stack and Sleep Stack’s usual combined price of £72.98.