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Trained By JP improves its powerhouse intra-workout with more EAAs, Velositol and more

Trained By Jp Nutrition Mps Max

MPS Max is Trained By JP Nutrition’s advanced intra-workout supplement, featuring a little more than a full spectrum of EAAs, which are in there and at a solid amount. The brand has just restocked the product on its website, and with that has come a few changes to MPS Max, making it an even more complex concoction and giving you everything to take full advantage of the intra-workout window.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s refreshed MPS Max comes with a solid 10g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, as well as 2.5g each of the premium, whole proteins, hydrolyzed whey and PeptoPro casein. Those ingredients combine to provide a sizeable amount of muscle protein synthesis supporting aminos, both free form in that 10g of EAAs and naturally occurring in the proteins.

MPS Max doesn’t end there; trained By JP Nutrition has also included a gram of the PeakO2 performance-powering blend and marine-sourced Aquamin minerals to support hydration. There are two other key components rounding out the formula to help get more out of the ingredients mentioned in Velositol to enhance the effectiveness of the protein and AstraGin to improve absorption.

Trained Jp By Nutrition Mps Max Label

It’s not often we see complex and advanced intra-workouts like MPS Max that go beyond aminos and electrolytes, so when we do come across them, it’s great to see. It’s even better when they take a carefully crafted approach like Trained By JP Nutrition, designing its revamped MPS Max to support muscle growth, recovery, hydration, and performance, again, aiming to help in all areas possible.

Trained By JP Nutrition has launched its revamped MPS Max through its online store at £39.99 (48.52 USD), which is a solid price considering what has been packed into this one. There are also quite a few flavors to choose from for the supplement right out of the gate, in Watermelon, Peach Iced Tea, Sunny Orange, and a cocktail-inspired Mojito.