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USN pairs its Stack3d Expo appearance with flavor number five for Amino Stim

Amino Stim

USN has put a lot of effort into its presentation at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, and it doesn’t take much to notice that by visiting the brand in the South Hall at The international company has brought together quality videos, introductions and information on some of its most popular products, the reveal and release of a flavor extension, and a Stack3d Expo exclusive deal to save big.

In line with the Stack3d Supplement Expo, USN has launched another option for its multi-benefit amino product, Amino Stim, featuring a solid 6g of EAAs for recovery, coconut water and electrolytes for hydration, and a reliable 125mg of InnovaTea natural caffeine for energy. The new flavor now available for the supplement is Pink Lemonade, which is Amino Stim’s fifth option, alongside the likes of Fruit Punch and Green Apple.

During the Stack3d Supplement Expo, there is an exclusive coupon code found on USN’s booth at that saves you 25% on everything it has available on its website. For Amino Stim and its regular price of $19.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings, that drops to just $14.99, making this week, while the Stack3d Expo is online, the ideal time to try USN’s refreshing new Pink Lemonade Amino Stim.