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Frank McGrath gets ready to release his own brand Wrath Performance

Wrath Performance From Frank Mcgrath

Frank “Wrath” McGrath is a well-known IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, famous for his appearance in many of the classic Animal quote advertisements; however, he is no longer with the hardcore legacy brand. Over the years, McGrath has worked with a couple of other notable companies in Redcon1 and HD Muscle, but for 2022 he is walking a different path and coming out with his own brand.

Wrath Performance is the title of Frank McGrath’s upcoming brand, of course, after his nickname, and it is looking to be one of your more hardcore bodybuilding-centric companies. Wrath is going to debut with three supplements, all for sports nutrition categories in a stimulant-powered pre-workout, dedicated pump-enhancing product, and lastly, some sort of intra-workout formula.

Frank McGrath hasn’t provided any additional information about what’s going to be in each of the Wrath Performance supplements, although the categories and promise of a more hardcore bodybuilding approach, do give us some direction. We’ll share more information as it comes to light, and that won’t be far away, as Wrath Performance is said to be launching next month.