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Amino brand Xtend introduces its stick pack hydration supplement

Xtend Hydration Stack3d Expo

Xtend is known for its original hit BCAA-based amino supplement of the same name, which currently has several spin-offs available, all focused around that signature BCAA theme. There is, of course, Xtend Original, then you have the fat loss-infused Xtend Ripped, Xtend Sport, the premium performance-powering Xtend Elite, and even the whey protein powder Xtend Pro with an added 7g of BCAAs per serving.

At this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, Xtend is exhibiting, and at its booth, it has unveiled an all-new entry in its lineup that won’t be an amino formula and doesn’t look to be backed by BCAAs. Confirmed to be coming soon from the legacy brand is Xtend Healthy Hydration, a stick pack format supplement designed specifically to improve and enhance hydration with six key electrolytes and BetaPower branded betaine.

According to Xtend at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, Xtend Healthy Hydration is due to arrive in October, which isn’t all that far away at about three months. The product will be coming in three flavors, again, all packaged in single-serving stick packs, with Lemon Lime, Raspberry Lemonade, and the less common two-fruit recipe Strawberry Banana.

You can head to the Stack3d Supplement Expo for a closer look and more information on Xtend Healthy Hydration at the Xtend booth in the West Hall. On the brand’s page, you’ll also find an exclusive coupon code to save 20% on everything in its online store. The Stack3d Expo sale discounts the already cost-effective 90-serving tub of Xtend Original down to $51.99, and the more premium Xtend Elite from $32.99 to $26.39.

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