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XXL Nutrition delivers light hits of caffeine by spray in its latest product

Xxl Nutrition Caffeine Spray

While spray-delivered supplements aren’t anything new, with many of them out there, mostly designed around a vitamin or handful of vitamins, we had yet to come across something like what XXL Nutrition has just rolled out. The retailer and brand has released a simple standalone caffeine product in that still relatively rare format of a spray bottle, where you press the top to get a serving of caffeine straight to your mouth.

XXL Nutrition’s obviously titled Caffeine Spray does sound like a fun and convenient way to get an energizing dose of caffeine; however, there is a bit of a downside. Each spray of the supplement only provides 6mg of caffeine, so it’ll take about 27 sprays to get to the level of caffeine in something like a Monster Ultra. If you want a more pre-workout type experience, you can spray 50 times for an intense 300mg of caffeine.

Again, it does sound like a fun and convenient way to get your caffeine, although if you’re someone that prefers a typical energy drink or a pre-workout level of caffeine, it obviously won’t be as convenient. You can purchase Caffeine Spray straight from XXL Nutrition’s online store in bottles that are said to have 166 sprays at that 6mg of caffeine in each, priced at €6.95 (7.12 USD), and available in a Grapefruit flavor.

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