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Fat burner Beach Ready gets a stimulant-fueled spin-off in Beach Ready+

Yummy Sports Beach Ready Plus

The colorful Canadian company Yummy Sports has created a new version of its stimulant-free fat burner Beach Ready, introducing the alternative experience Beach Ready+. The brand has carried over some ingredients from the original to its latest release, although the main difference with Beach Ready+ is that, unlike Beach Ready, it has some stimulants.

Yummy Sports Beach Ready+ has 1.5g of carnitine and a gram of green coffee bean to support weight loss, with both of those ingredients and dosages present in Beach Ready. The other components in the supplement are what separate the stimulating spin-off from the regular Beach Ready and are there to increase and enhance energy and mental focus.

Yummy Sports Beach Ready Plus Label

Alongside the carnitine and green coffee bean, Beach Ready+ has 600mg of green tea, a moderate 100mg of the classic caffeine anhydrous, and 50mg of premium TeaCrine. There are just three other ingredients in Yummy Sports’ Beach Ready alternative with 300mg of 5-HTP, a much lower amount of garcinia at 60mg, and 5mg of black pepper to improve absorption.

Yummy Sports’ Beach Ready+ basically aims to give fans of its previously released fat burner Beach Ready a similarly designed supplement to support weight loss but also elevate energy and focus. It doesn’t boast a loaded list of ingredients or dosages, but again, it’s similar to the original, and it’s available for the same price at $34.99 (27.21 USD) in six flavors.