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Newcomer ZIMfitness adds a couple of ways to save 5% on its pre-workout GET FKD

Zimfitness Get Fkd Discounts

It wasn’t that long ago we posted about the newcomer ZIMfitness out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and its first-ever entry into the world of sports nutrition supplements, GET FKD. The product is a well-rounded pre-workout with reliable ingredients and dosages for all of the core effects, including 6g of citrulline malate for pumps, a solid 1.5g of tyrosine to enhance mental focus, and 350mg of caffeine to increase energy.

We’ve got ZIMfitness and its flagship supplement GET FKD back in the headlines today as it’s just added a couple of ways you can bring the pre-workout’s regular price of $52.62 for a tub of 25 servings, down a bit. The brand has begun offering 5% off to those that subscribe to receive the product monthly or buy two tubs and save 5%, and there is a free shipping threshold of $75, so if you get the two-pack, you won’t pay for shipping.