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13 Lives previews its first-ever protein infused with collagen and enzymes

13 Lives Isolate Protein Powder

Australian brand 13 Lives is about to enter one of the most popular categories in sports nutrition, and since it already has a stimulant-powered pre-workout on the market, that doesn’t leave many other potential types of supplements. The area the brand is turning its attention to is the saturated world of protein powder, introducing the simply named although not-so-simple formula, 13 Lives Isolate.

13 Lives Isolate is a premium protein powder getting the majority of its protein from high-quality, fast-absorbing whey isolate. To make things a little more interesting, the brand has infused the supplement with an unknown amount of collagen and enzymes to improve digestion. 13 Lives is a rather intriguing brand and known to do things differently, so it’s no surprise we’re not getting a straightforward protein powder.

By the sounds of things, 13 Lives is planning to launch its advanced 13 Lives Isolate shortly, with 33 servings per tub, although we don’t yet know what any of its macros are. We can confirm it’ll be arriving in six flavors, some of those common options like Chocolate and Vanilla, two fruity recipes in Strawberry and Banana, and then some truly uncommon tastes with Honey Nut Cereal and Chocolate Cherry.