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Apollon turns Kyiv Cake into a flavor of protein for Ukraine Independence Day

Apollon Nutrition Kyiv Cake 5050 Formula

One of the more enjoyable approaches to flavors we like to see in the sports nutrition industry is when a brand takes inspiration from a traditional, local food or dish. We see it a lot in Europe with industry-first flavors of protein powder and protein snacks, especially from German, Spanish, and Italian brands, and now we’ve got one from Apollon Nutrition, which is American, but the flavor is inspired by a Ukrainian treat.

In celebration of Ukraine Independence Day, commemorating the country’s declaration of independence, happening on Wednesday of next week, Apollon Nutrition has put together a flavor of protein powder based on a popular Ukrainian dessert named after the city it was created. The dessert is Kyiv Cake, which is traditionally a soft two-layer meringue cake featuring hazelnuts, a creamy filling, and a sweet chocolate icing.

Apollon Nutrition has taken Kyiv Cake and turned it into a flavor of the whey isolate and micellar casein protein powder Formula 50/50, and it is only going to be available for a limited time, starting Ukraine Independence Day. The brand will also be donating all profits of the product to Valeriy Fedoranich and the Christian Church Of Transcarpathia, which makes biweekly trips of supplies to warzones across Ukraine.