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Australia’s Athletic Sport shares a sneak peek at its upcoming energy drink

Athletic Sport Kamikaze Energy Drink

Australian brand Athletic Sport has announced it’s throwing its hat in the ring of energy drinks shortly with a carbonated and canned version of its flagship pre-workout Kamikaze. We’ve got the first look at the upcoming product in the image above with a few details about what’s going to be in the sports nutrition brand’s first-ever beverage, although not the complete picture.

Athletic Sport’s exciting new Kamikaze energy drink is going to feature 2g of pure citrulline and a gram of beta-alanine for pumps and performance, alongside B vitamins and, presumably, caffeine for energy although that’s not confirmed. As far as nutrition goes, we have no idea what the beverage is going to look like, but being from a supplement company, we imagine it’ll be low-calorie.

The Kamikaze energy drink is launching sometime in the near future, and of course, Athletic Sport is an Australian brand, so that is where fans will be able to get their hands on the product first. Athletic Sport is known for great flavors and having several to choose from, which we’re guessing will continue in the Kamikaze drink with one taste named so far in Rainbow Gummy.