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Atron’s third flavor of Whey Protein keeps things interesting with Pear

Atron Pear Whey Protein

Atron doesn’t have too many flavors available for its protein powder, Whey Protein; in fact, it had only two with a traditional Chocolate and something a little more adventurous in Strawberry White Chocolate. The brand restocked the supplement this week in its online store, and alongside that, it finally gave Whey Protein a third flavor, and like Strawberry White Chocolate, it is more on the uncommon side.

Joining Chocolate and Strawberry White Chocolate Whey Protein is an extremely uncommon flavor for North America, especially in protein powder, but it’s not that unusual in Atron’s home country of Sweden with Pear. The product combines the refreshing fruity taste with 24.5g of protein, all from whey, 4.9g of carbohydrates, almost all of that sugar at 4.55g, 1.75g of fat, and a calorie count of 136.