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Chiefs rolls out a family of functional drinks for energy, relaxation and beauty

Chiefs Soul Refresh Drinks

Soul Refresh is a series of bottled beverages from the Swiss functional company Chiefs, known for its delicious protein shake, realistic protein pudding, and many other intriguing foods like protein ice cream, high-protein bread, and protein pizza. There are four products that make up the Soul Refresh family, each in its own unique flavor and with a marginally different set of active ingredients supporting health and wellness type effects and benefits.

Chiefs Soul Refresh collection consists of the Pineapple Ginger-flavored Rise, featuring various vitamins and minerals for a revitalizing start to your day; Move in a Mango Guava flavor, which is similar to Rise but also with guarana and caffeine for a boost in energy; next is the Apple Mint tasting Calm with specific vitamins and minerals for a more relaxing and stress-reducing effect; then finally Glow in a Berries flavor with a more beauty focused blend of vitamins.

Basically, the Soul Refresh beverages — Rise, Move, Calm, and Glow — all revolve around a specific selection of vitamins and minerals that is slightly different for each product and purpose. They’re also incredibly clean, with no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories in an entire half a liter bottle. The products are available now in Chiefs’ home country of Switzerland and be sure to check them out in the images we have here, as they don’t have the brand’s usual look.