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Finaflex’s Power Pie gets much better pricing at Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart

Finaflex Power Pie

When Finaflex launched its awesome authentic collaboration, the Power Pie, put together in partnership with the legendary MoonPie, it was available first through its online store at The brand’s website prices it a lot higher than most other protein snacks and treats at $37.95 for a box of ten, working out to $3.79 each, which again, is more expensive than many on-the-go protein products out there.

We’ve now got a couple of options to get Finaflex and MoonPie’s Power Pie at a much better price; you can go to Vitamin Shoppe or Walmart. The former is now stocking the product in its online store at a temporarily discounted $23.99 for 10. That is well below the price of a box of Power Pies through Finaflex’s online store, with Vitamin Shoppe coming out at $2.39 a piece, a saving in the area of 36%.

As for Power Pie at Walmart, its website is currently listing a box of four — something we haven’t seen anywhere else — and the price it has alongside it is $7.97, which is $1.99 per pie. The product doesn’t appear to be available for purchase from or in stock at any store we searched, but at $1.99, that is about 16% cheaper than Vitamin Shoppe’s ten pack and 47% down from Finaflex’s direct cost.