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Testrol Platinum introduced as GAT’s more premium and most expensive Testrol

Gat Sports Testrol Platinum

Testrol is a testosterone booster from the legacy brand GAT Sport, and it has been around for some time as well as seen a few spin-offs like Testrol Gold, Testrol Elite, and now Testrol Platinum. That last supplement is the latest evolution of Testrol from the brand, and it comes in as the most premium and expensive version of the product, carrying a regular price of $64.99 on GAT’s online store.

While Testrol Platinum is the most expensive testosterone booster we’ve seen from GAT Sport, it doesn’t feature the widest variety of ingredients; in fact, outside of the vitamins and minerals, there are five components in the mix. Alongside zinc, vitamin D, and calcium, GAT has packed in an 830mg blend of eucommia bark and atractylodes root, and another 170mg blend of boroganic glycine and pine bark.

Gat Sports Testrol Platinum Label

The fifth and final main ingredient in GAT Sport’s Testrol Platinum is the only premium feature in the formula and it is not in a blend, with clinically-studied LJ100 longjack and at a sizeable amount of 200mg per serving. All of those components come together to naturally boost testosterone for the usual higher test benefits of better energy, libido, muscle strength and size, performance, and drive.

As mentioned, you can get your hands on GAT Sport’s all-new Testrol Platinum through its online store, where it has a regular price of $64.99, but at the moment, it is discounted slightly down to $51.99, which is better although still keeps it above that sizeable $50 mark.