Gold Nutrition covers its first vegan bar in decadent dark chocolate

Gold Nutrition Total Vegan Protein

Gold Nutrition out of Portugal is one of the many sports nutrition brands in Europe that is not short on functional foods, similar to the likes of Myprotein, Bulk, XXL Nutrition, and Body Attack. It has all sorts of different convenient, on-the-go items, and the brand’s latest effort continues to add to that with another classic bar-format product featuring a highlight that none of its other bars have.

Total Protein Vegan is the newest protein snack from Gold Nutrition, a spin-off of its already available Total Protein Bar, with the difference being this one is completely plant-based. The product does have more protein than the regular Total Protein Bar, although it is 50% bigger, weighing 46g a piece, and provides up to 15g of protein from pea and soy, 10 to 11g of carbohydrates, the majority of that sugar, around 5g of fat, and reasonable calorie counts ranging from 163 to 165.

This isn’t Gold Nutrition’s first vegan-friendly functional food, but as mentioned, it’s the first one in the classic bar format, and the macros on it aren’t too bad; it’ll just come down to how it tastes. The product is out now in Portugal in three flavors, each covered in dark chocolate and with tasty pieces across the top in Strawberry, Lemon, and the one for chocolate lovers, Cocoa Dark Chocolate.