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Goli Nutrition’s growing gummy lineup now includes a kids multivitamin

Goli Nutrition Complete Kids Multi Gummies

There is another entry into Goli Nutrition’s family of gummy supplements, although this time around, it’s for a different type of audience to its Ashwagandha, Superfruits, Apple Cider Vinegar, and many other products. The health and wellness brand has introduced Complete Kids Multi Gummies; a multivitamin supplement from Goli Nutrition specifically for the next generation.

Goli Nutrition’s Complete Kids Multi Gummies come with 19 different vitamins and minerals, including the likes of the reliable antioxidant vitamin C, various B vitamins, and vitamin K1, all at dosages suitable for kids. Rounding out the gummy brand’s latest effort is a small blend of fruits, including tart cherry, acai and goji berry, apple, banana, amla, and pomegranate.

Goli Nutrition Complete Kids Multi Gummies

Complete Kids Multi Gummies is, as mentioned, designed specifically for kids, with Goli Nutrition having set instructions for separate age groups. Those two or three are recommended to have just one gummy a day, while those aged four and over can double that to two gummies. You also get a lot of servings per bottle at 80 gummies, which will last close to three months at one a day and just over one month when taking two.

If you’re a fan of Goli Nutrition, you’ll know it keeps its pricing fairly consistent across its gummy supplements, where the majority of them cost the same per bottle. Complete Kids Multi Gummies is one of the rare items that breaks that consistency, as while it is the same price at one or three bottles, it becomes one of the brand’s cheapest in the five pack at $15.20 each.