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Human Nutrition throws Fibersol and carnitine into its BCAA-based amino

Human Nutrition Amino Bcaa

South African sports nutrition brand Human Nutrition has a new and slightly more advanced supplement for its fans this month for a popular category it wasn’t previously competing in. Despite being present in the pre-workout space, protein powder, weight loss, multivitamin, and testosterone booster, the brand didn’t have an amino, although that has changed with the arrival of Amino BCAA.

Human Nutrition’s Amino BCAA is indeed a BCAA-powered supplement based around a typical amount of the title ingredient with each serving packing 5g of BCAAs to support muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery. To make the product that little bit more complex, the brand has also thrown in half a gram each of taurine and carnitine, and interestingly 1.4g of the premium prebiotic fiber Fibersol.

The sports nutrition supplement is out and available in Human Nutrition’s local South African market with just under the usual 30 servings a tub at 25, and three flavors to choose from in Pineapple Crush, Raspberry, and Grape Soda.