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Newcomer White Lion Labs reveals several more products coming down the pipeline

White Lion Labs

White Lion Labs is a new entry into the world of sports nutrition supplements that is taking on a little more than your typical categories with its first few products. The brand focuses on delivering advanced formulas and relies heavily on effective, proven, and premium ingredients, which can be seen in its currently available supplements, the pre-workout Stim, the health product Heart+Organ, and Protein Matrix protein powder.

The pre-workout simply named Stim — as it does indeed contain a good amount of stimulants — is a great example of White Lion Labs’ premium ingredient approach, as it includes a common pair of branded compounds to help drive its stimulating experience. To deliver energy and focus, Stim features 200mg of caffeine, a gram of tyrosine, and 200mg each of Compound Solutions’ premium ingredients, TeaCrine and Dynamine.

White Lion Labs Heart Organ

White Lion Labs continues that premium ingredient reliance in the comprehensive health supplement Heart+Organ and the protein powder Protein Matrix featuring DigeSEB digestive enzymes. While the brand’s selection is compact at the moment, it has confirmed it has several other products on the way, including a stackable pump pre-workout, a superfood formula, prostate health, and a packed-out intra-workout.

From what we know, all of those upcoming supplements from White Lion Labs will continue that advanced and effective approach, and feature their own specific and appropriate premium ingredients. You can find out more about the newcomer through its website, where all its products are available for purchase, and look forward to seeing those upcoming items launched shortly, as they’re said to be arriving before the end of the year.