LevlUp follows in the footsteps of G Fuel with a limited reskin of Neon Edition

Levlup Limited Neon Edition

One of the things G Fuel has done to continuously keep things fun and exciting for fans is special edition reskins, where it takes an already available flavor and gives it a limited-time makeover. Typically, the brand completely rebrands the product and changes the name of the flavor but keeps everything on the inside the same, from the original taste to the energy and focus-enhancing formula.

LevlUp is another major competitor in the increasingly popular gaming category, and it has announced what we’re pretty sure is its first reskin with a special edition version of Neon Edition. The product can be seen in the image above, featuring a futuristic cityscape background and a similar color scheme to the regular Neon Edition, although it has the same name and Blueberry Lemonade flavor.

LevlUp’s limited edition reskin of Neon Edition is going live later today at 6PM local time in the brand’s home country of Germany, at levlup.de, where a standard tub of LevlUp’s signature supplement costs €39.99 (40.96 USD).

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