Celsius blends mango and passionfruit in its latest Swedish flavor extension

Mango Passion Celsius Energy Drink

In Sweden, beverage brand Celsius has a different selection of products and flavors available from what you get here in the US, especially on the flavor side. We tend to see more new options added to the menu of the brand’s signature energy drink in Sweden than in the US, and this week we have another one of those to share, with a sweet and refreshing fruity recipe, nicely timed as we near the end of summer.

Joining Celsius’ Swedish lineup of functional beverages, going alongside the likes of Kiwi Lime, Crispy Pear, and Blood Orange, is a rather intriguing combination of familiar fruits in Mango Passion, bringing together the tastes of mango and passionfruit. The product is out now in Sweden and featuring the brand’s usual flagship beverage formula with vitamins, minerals, taurine, 200mg of caffeine, and zero sugar.

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