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MusclePharm previews a high-protein meal shake that also supports fat loss

Musclepharm High Protein Meal Replacement

The last completely new sports nutrition supplement we saw from MusclePharm, originally known as the Athlete’s Company, you have to go back a few years to 2018 with the Stealth Series 100% Whey and Mass Gainer. Since then, we have seen several releases from the brand, but they’ve all been flavor extensions, spin-offs, or functional foods like Protein Cookie, Combat Energy, and the delicious Protein Candies.

MusclePharm has announced the first entirely new supplement we’ve seen from the brand in all these years, coming under its Essential Series and lengthily named High Protein/Weight Loss/Meal Replacement. As you could probably gather from that mouthful of a title, MusclePharm’s High Protein/Weight Loss/Meal Replacement is a meal replacement product that is high in protein and looks to help with weight loss in some way.

The supplement will have a respectable 25g of protein per serving, which doesn’t leave room for any other high macros, as each serving of MusclePharm’s High Protein/Weight Loss/Meal Replacement weighs 37g. We also know the product has a superfood blend, antioxidants, and an unknown amount of collagen, making it more of a comprehensive meal replacement than just a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Considering, as mentioned, this is the first completely new supplement we’ve seen from MusclePharm in many years; it’s an interesting category to tackle and an interesting approach with weight loss playing a part. High Protein/Weight Loss/Meal Replacement itself has not been launched yet but will be soon with 25 full servings per bag and just the one flavor named so far in a traditional chocolate taste called Chocolate Milk.